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The title is what we wish someone would have said to us about Agriya before we traveled down the dark Agriya dark rabbit hole. We spent nearly $10,000 and almost 2 years only to end up with excuses and nothing more. The biggest issue we had other than the loss of money is Agriya (Ahsan Technologies) only create reasons as to why their customers are wrong instead of resolving issues and satistifying those that matter in their success, after all we are the ones losing money, not Agriya.

Like most, we were hesitant about purchasing their products and services but were convinced by one of agriya consultants that the all the negative reviews wasnt true about their company, well guess what, YES THEY ARE!

Heres the situation in a summary:

1. You come up with an idea.

2. You look for a way of designing/developing that idea.

3. You read reviews (mostly bad) about agriya

4. You contact agriya anyway.

5. You speak with someone that assures you a different experience than others in the reviews.

6. For some reason you buy Agriya product/service.

7. You learn it has bad written codes and bugs galore.

8. Then you learn ALL of Agriya products are ENCRYPTED, not only that but you must also PURCHASE alot of modules to make things operate just like Agriya demo sites.

9. Now you have to PAY Agriya for EVERYTHING you need performed because the scripts YOU JUST PAID FOR can only be modified by Agriya.

10. Agriya charges you over and over again until you have exceeded your budget, ran out of money and now left with a half completed site/app that you cant use.

Our goal is to help people realize before #4. You contact agriya anyway.

Instead of continuing to discuss the matter here and listening to a bunch of Agriya Reps excuses we decided to create a review site to make sure no one else has to deal with losing alot of money before they learn the truth about agriya.

Please visit to read all about our experience and others. We will also offer a ton of resources for alternative scripts and developers to make sure this doesnt happen to others.

Remember now: We asked for a "partial refund", just to cover the cost of the terrible scripts that is encrypted with bugs, and told Agriya to keep the other $5,000+ for hours They worked on the script, but they said NO and came up with every reason as to why that was impossible, if thats not greed, what is? So here we are like others before us that ignored the reviews...

We are providing a screen shot here of how much money it took for us to learn a valuable lesson. All the money you see being paid in the screen shot is for different functions being performed.

Okay Agriya representatives, heres the part where you join in and try to clean up the mess your company is responsible for ONCE AGAIN! Wait before you do: Dont say Agriya tryed to help, dont say a refund was issued to us, and dont say Agriya products and services are solid because you will be lying ONCE AGAIN!

Please, whoever is reading this

"READ REVIEWS AND VALUE THE BAD EXPERIENCES OF OTHERS" and dont forget to visit the site and our other networks to help fight against these modern day criminals!!!

Reason of review: the fact we ignored the reviews.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Hidden charges, Delivery of agreed services, Commitment to agreement.

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